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Art Corral

Art Corral is liquidating all prints.  Purchase our entire collection as a single package worth well over $100,000 below the the original release pricing of all of the prints including prints such as James Boren, Robert Summers and Wayne Baize which have increased dramatically in value over the years. 

You can also purchase individual prints or subsets at the low-market value.


The founder of Art Corral and his wonderful wife were often seen at western events around the country.  A smile and kind word were always used to greet each person interested in western art.  A true cowboy Bud Dowd recently passed away and we are motivated to liquidate this inventory to assist his widow in her financial needs.  Every bit of the profit from this liquidation will go to Betty Dowd.  Everyone loves a cowboy! 

An unbeatable deal

  • The entire inventory as a package will be released at below the original release pricing while it lasts. 
  • Individual sets or collections will be sold at just below the "low market value". 
  • Come on cowboys help out one of your own!

G. Harveys Silent Hunter above.  We have at least 15 signed and numbered copies of this print.

Nothing more popular than western art.  We have signed and numbered prints, artist proof, and vault prints in our collection.